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Duckpin Bowling…

A New Spin on Entertainment
for your Business

Do MORE than add an activity to your Venue…

Create an Experience

Incorporating duckpin bowling lanes into a business’s venue isn’t just about adding an activity; it’s about creating an experience. From evoking nostalgia to fostering social interactions and revenue diversification, the allure of duckpin bowling is undeniable. As businesses strive to leave a lasting impression on their customers, embracing this vintage entertainment trend could be the key to standing out in a crowded market.

Venues that can benefit from adding duckpin bowling...








Senior Centers








Corporate Offices

Axe Throwing  Venues

Entertainment Centers


Bowling Centers


Event Venues




Cruise Ships


Shopping Malls

The History of Duckpin Bowling

A New Spin
on an Old Game

Duckpin bowling, a unique and entertaining variation of traditional tenpin bowling, boasts a rich history that traces back to the late 19th century. Believed to have originated in New England, duckpin bowling quickly gained popularity in the early 20th century.

Unlike its larger cousin, duckpin bowling features shorter, squat pins and smaller, handheld balls that lack finger holes. The term “duckpin” is said to derive from the way the pins resemble ducks standing in a row. This variation of bowling gained traction due to its challenging nature, requiring precision and finesse to knock down the stout pins. However, as traditional tenpin bowling gained prominence, the popularity of duckpin declined.

As a blend of nostalgia and new-found appreciation, the resurgence of duckpin bowling underscores the enduring appeal of analog pastimes in the digital age. With its unique history and engaging gameplay, duckpin bowling is once again rolling into the spotlight, promising hours of laughter, friendly competition, and a refreshing break from the ordinary.


Duckpin vs. Traditional Bowling

Bowling has long been a recreational activity that brings people together for fun and competition. While most are familiar with tenpin bowling, Duckpin Bowling offers a unique twist on the classic game. 

Pin Size and Shape

The most noticeable distinction between duckpin and regular bowling lies in the pins themselves. Duckpin pins are shorter, squatter, and lack the tapered neck seen in regular bowling pins. This unique design demands more precision and finesse to knock them down.


In duckpin bowling, each player gets three rolls per frame, versus two rolls in traditional tenpin. Knocking down all ten pins in a frame in duckpin earns the player’s team 10 points, while in regular bowling, it’s a strike (10 points plus the next two roll scores).

Aim and Strategy

The distinct characteristics of duckpin bowling demand a refined strategy. Players must focus on controlling the ball’s trajectory and spin to achieve accurate pin hits. Regular bowling places a higher emphasis on power and pin scatter.

Ball Size and Weight

Duckpin bowling uses smaller, handheld balls without finger holes. These compact balls are easier to grip, but their diminutive size calls for a different throwing technique. In regular bowling, the larger balls with finger holes allow for more powerful throws.

Lane Size

Duckpin lanes are typically smaller than regular bowling lanes, offering a more intimate setting. This smaller space adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game as players need to adapt their approach accordingly.

Community and Atmosphere

Duckpin bowling often fosters a more social and relaxed atmosphere due to its challenging nature. It’s conducive to gatherings of friends and family, while regular bowling can involve more competitive league play.

So much more than bowling lanes…

Our Duckpin Bowling Installations offer MORE than the competition!

Fits in a Small Space

Duckpin bowling has a small footprint 30.5’L 10’W

(+5’ Approach)

Vintage Inspired Lanes

Duckpin bowling installations by US Bowling feature a vintage-looking synthetic lane that your customers will love!

Automatic Scoring

Keep score on your duck pin bowling lanes with the bowling industry’s most exciting scoring system, with a fully customizable entertainment display!

Reviving Entertainment

Draw them in with Duckpin

In a world saturated with digital diversions, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and offer unique experiences that draw customers back time and again. The vintage charm of duckpin evokes memories of simpler times, resonating with customers seeking a break from the ordinary. This nostalgia factor can create a strong emotional connection between patrons and the business, fostering loyalty and repeat visits.

Unique Entertainment

In an age where novel experiences are highly prized, duckpin bowling offers a refreshing alternative to standard entertainment offerings. Its distinctive gameplay, with smaller pins and handheld balls, presents a challenge that can captivate a diverse range of players, from novices to seasoned bowlers.

Social Interaction

Duckpin bowling is inherently social. The smaller lanes and unique gameplay encourage groups to engage in friendly competition and collaboration. This dynamic creates an ideal setting for parties, team-building events, and casual get-togethers..

Indoor Activity

Duckpin bowling is weather-proof entertainment. By incorporating it into a venue, businesses can provide customers with a year-round indoor activity, ensuring a consistent flow of foot traffic regardless of the weather outside.

Broad Appeal

One of the greatest strengths of duckpin bowling is its inclusivity. Unlike traditional bowling, which might require significant physical strength, duckpin’s approachable gameplay allows individuals of all ages and fitness levels to participate and enjoy themselves.

Revenue Diversification

Adding duckpin bowling lanes introduces a new stream of revenue. Businesses can offer lane rentals, host tournaments, and provide catering services for events, thereby boosting their income potential.

Community Engagement

Duckpin bowling can become a focal point for community engagement. Hosting local leagues, charity events, and themed nights can foster a sense of community and belonging, further ingraining the business within the local fabric.

Enhanced Brand Image

The addition of duckpin bowling lanes can elevate a business’s image by showcasing its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It positions the establishment as more than just a typical venue, but rather a destination for memorable experiences.

Differentiation & Competition

In a competitive market, businesses must distinguish themselves. Duckpin bowling offers a unique selling point that can help set a venue apart from its competitors, attracting a wider audience and creating buzz.


Duckpin bowling has stood the test of time, and its resurgence shows its enduring appeal. By incorporating this classic pastime into their offerings, businesses can ensure their relevance and popularity for years to come.